The Weston Soccer Club, Inc. is a private, nonprofit organization managed by volunteers. The Club delivers quality age and skill-appropriate soccer programs to boys and girls grades Pre-K through 12 and adults in Weston, Connecticut.

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As the beginning of Weston Soccer’s spring season is just around the corner, many of you are assessing your child’s equipment needs for the upcoming season and beyond. WSC would like to make you aware of a new uniform policy for Travel teams (U9-U13, boys and girls) that will take effect in the FALL of 2017.

Weston Soccer has a strong legacy of success and in recent years these successes have significantly increased each season. As a Club, we are now celebrating our girls’ and boys’ teams at all levels, be it in the CT Cup, tournament play or in regularly finishing atop of their respective league tables.

Conversely, our players have been wearing the same uniform for many, many years and WSC believes the time is right for the next generation of Weston Soccer players to shift to a more updated and professional look.

The upgrade, to a more modern uniform design, will not only match our level of play on the field but will also keep us current in terms of the opponents that we face here in Fairfield County as well as at the State level and beyond.

We believe that our players’ sense of pride in the town, their teams, and our ongoing successes will only be enhanced with these new uniforms. 

What will be new?

This is tremendously exciting as the whole town can, and will be encouraged to be, a part of this redesign. Your son or daughter could, potentially, be responsible for the new look of Weston Soccer!!

Weston Soccer Club is in the process of redesigning a new official logo. As such, we will be holding a contest here in town allowing Weston residents to submit their designs. The winning entry will be used as part of our uniform design and/or Weston Soccer apparel. Details to follow in the coming weeks.

This logo will likely be applied to a new jersey design. The same blue and gold color scheme will be retained but the new jerseys (home and away) and shorts will be updated. As soon as we are able, we will circulate design images to give you a sneak peek into this great new look.

What is required of me?

Absolutely nothing for the upcoming SPRING 2017 season.

We recognize many of you buy new uniforms regularly as your children grow in size so we are getting the word out to you now so you may plan accordingly.

These new uniforms will be ready for the FALL 2017 season. They will be mandatory for all incoming U9 boys and girls for the FALL. The new uniforms will be mandatory for all U10-U13 boys and girls for the SPRING 2018 season. This way we are giving our membership with existing players in the travel program a full year to plan for this change.

What if my child is a U10-U13 player and wants the new jerseys for the FALL?

Weston Soccer does not require U10-U13 players to upgrade their uniforms until next SPRING 2018 however, if an entire team wants to upgrade this FALL and the vote is unanimous then these uniforms will be available for purchase. Your team manager will contact you as a team before the FALL season and only if the vote is unanimous by team will these teams be allowed to upgrade a season early this FALL.

What about the U15 teams?

Weston Soccer has decided not to upgrade the U15 uniforms since this will be these players’ last year in the program and there is not enough value to families to upgrade uniforms for one remaining season. Therefore, all U15 players will stay with their existing uniforms for the FALL 2017 and SPRING 2018 seasons. With that said and in line with our policy for the younger players, if the U15 teams vote for these new updated jerseys in the FALL or SPRING they will be available for purchase.

What is the cost of these new uniforms and where can I purchase them?

Weston Soccer is very sensitive to any additional costs required by our members and have worked closely with our suppliers to ensure a smooth transition to make these new uniforms affordable.

While we do not currently have final pricing from our retail supplier, Soccer & Rugby, we expect a slight increase in price from the current uniforms. The reason for this will be two-fold: 1) these new uniforms will now have names on the back of the jersey, numbers on the front and back of the jersey and possibly on the shorts as well. 2) the new logo will likely require the manufacturer to produce an embroidered crest or patch on the jersey as opposed to the screened print you currently see. (These details are still being discussed.)

How do I order these new uniforms?

The new uniforms will be available for purchase in the same exact manner you currently order uniforms—via the website and available for pickup at Soccer & Rugby in Southport, CT.

Please note that we will not be able to accommodate requests to change jersey numbers, and your child’s jersey number will remain the same with the new uniform, unless it conflicts with another player on the team.

Weston Soccer will continue to update you throughout the new uniform process as new details and timing emerge but we wanted to communicate this message to you now so that you may plan accordingly. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Equipment Director Ken Gelman at

Thank you!

The Weston Soccer Club Board