The Weston Soccer Club, Inc. is a private, nonprofit organization managed by volunteers. The Club delivers quality age and skill-appropriate soccer programs to boys and girls grades Pre-K through 12 and adults in Weston, Connecticut.

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THANK YOU for volunteering to manage a Weston Soccer Club team this season and welcome to the latest information that you’ll need to have a fun and successful season!

The Website – First Big Step

The Club website is your source for communicating important information to parents and coaches. It is better than emailing people directly because you can send an email and post a message to parents at the same time. By posting the messages too, instead of just emailing them, parents can always go to the website and check for the latest news. They don’t have to search through messages or call you to find out what’s happening. (You can also send an email message and not bother posting it if there’s a need to do that.)

The team information, including parent’s and coach’s e-mail addresses are all contained on the website (password-protected). As soon as the Club Registrar has assigned the team, all of the information is available to you on the website. Once you have this information, send a message introducing yourself and confirm the correct e-mail address is in their contact information on the website. (If it isn’t they can update it themselves by going to the website and clicking on Edit My Account at the very bottom left on the home page.) Remind parents/coaches that they must check their e-mails DAILY. Very often, last minute changes occur and you’ll require quick responses from the team. 



Weston uniforms consist of 2 numbered jerseys for Travel – 1 navy and 1 white along with a pair of shorts and navy soccer socks. For Rec Plus we use only the blue jersey, navy shorts and socks. The uniform consists of the jersey, shorts and socks. Parents must purchase all three. It is not permissible to use different shorts or socks. Other items are available for purchase but these are optional purchases.

Please communicate to parents any uniform ordering instructions or information that you receive from your Travel/Rec Plus Director.  Jersey numbers are assigned by the program directors and must be coordinated to avoid duplicate numbers.  Uniforms can be tried on for size, ordered and picked up at International Soccer and Rugby in Southport on Route 1 (203-254-1979).

Practice Days/Times

- Beginning in Fall 2009, all travel teams will practice on Wednesdays and Fridays (except in cases of coaching conflicts).  Beginning with Fall 2010, all Academy teams will practice on Mondays and Thursdays. Beginning with Fall 2011, Junior Academy teams will practice on Tuesdays and Fridays.

- Upon receipt of practice time/location from the practice schedule coordinator, send a message to parents/coach with info ASAP. Automatic reminders will be sent from the website.

- Remind parents that their children are expected to be at practice on time and dressed to play prior to practice start time. Part of the experience of playing a team sport is the commitment to the team and learning about not letting your teammates down. Also, remind parents that whenever possible, they should give 48 hours notice if their child will be unable to attend a practice.

- Additionally, parents should ensure their child brings the following to each practice and game: water bottle (labeled), shinguards, soccer cleats, soccer socks, appropriate sized ball with child’s name, soccer shorts, team bag/backpack to include these items.

Sharing Coaches

Most coaches will coach more than one team because they're great coaches and we want as many kids as possible to benefit from their knowledge. Therefore, it is important for managers that share a coach to communicate with each other and with the game schedule coordinator and work together to resolve potential scheduling conflicts/ handle any changes that need to be made. No team should receive priority over the other. When a conflict arises that can’t be resolved, then each team should take turns feeling the impact of the conflict.

Religious holidays

The Weston Soccer Club is non-sectarian and we play and practice on religious holidays. We are sensitive to everyone’s beliefs, so we make practice optional on such religious holidays. Please poll your parents to see how many of the players are available and if there are enough to make it worthwhile, practices should be held. Teams that share a coach are welcome to combine practices if the numbers are low. Coaches are not to take attendance and players will not be penalized for missing these practices.


Travel teams are encouraged to attend at least one tournament per season. Each team is allotted a $400 allowance for tournament entry fees. Our professional coaches make recommendations each season as to the best tournaments for that team. For alternatives, you can also check the CJSA website  or or 

Academy teams will always attend the same tournament as a group. Information will be communicated by the Academy Director.

Game Scheduling

- Upon receipt of your team's game schedule from your Travel/Rec Plus Director, immediately e-mail your game schedule to the field coordinator and the referee director. Beginning Spring 2011, the field coordinator is Marcia Hamelin,

- Referee assignments will be made by the referee director. Beginning Spring 2011, the referee director is Andres Gonzalez,

- Once the location and time are set, e-mail home game time/location to opposing team manager and send them directions AND FIELD RULES from

- Away games - contact the opposing town manager - confirm your game and that you’ll look forward to receiving a time and location.

- Your regional age group coordinator usually enters the game schedule for you automatically. If not, post your games on the SWD website and email game information to parents/coach as they become available even if you don’t have all times/locations as yet. Example: 9/10 Away vs. Darien Game Time/Location TBA

- Continue to finalize/communicate game schedule as times/locations come in from other towns.

DELEGATING - optional

If you choose to do so, you may delegate the following tasks to parents of team members:

1.  Practice Parent Coordinator

- Club Policy mandates that a parent must be present at every practice. A practice parent coordinator is needed to schedule a parent at these practices. The practice parent coordinator will also inform the parents that they are needed on the field for emergency situations only and will not be asked to get involved in the practices unless requested by the coach. For younger players especially, the Practice Parent should take responsibility for helping tie shoes and tending to slight bumps and bruises so the coach can focus on coaching the team. Please remind the practice parent to be sure and bring a cell phone in case of an emergency! You can also use as a means of asking for practice parents.

- The practice parent coordinator is responsible for preparing and e-mailing the practice parent schedule. In addition, the practice parent coordinator should remind parents each week of their responsibility on their assigned day. Parents should also be reminded that they CANNOT leave the field until each child is picked up at the end of practice. NO CHILD SHOULD EVER BE LEFT ON THE FIELD ALONE – EVER!!

- Emergency Medical Information: As manager, it is imperative that you review with your parents, the emergency medical information received by The Weston Soccer Club and confirm the data’s validity. If a child has an emergency during a practice or game the validity of this data is crucial.

Important - First Practice - Please furnish coach with player’s emergency medical information (valid data confirmed by parents as stated above) and PLACE THE DOCUMENT IN THE FIRST AID KIT. (First aid kits are provided by the club; communicate with your program director.) Remind your coach that the first aid kit with the emergency/medical information is to be on the field at all times – both practices and games. If your coach will not be present at a game or practice, be sure the asst coach or parent coach has a first aid kit and that the practice parent is furnished with the emergency medical information.

2. Snack Parent Coordinator

- This person assigns parents "snack duty" at each game if the team wants to have team snacks. The "official" half-time soccer snack is cut up oranges but this can vary by team. The snack parent coordinator should remind parents of their assignment the Thursday prior to each game.  Everyone should be made aware of any food allergies existing on the team.  No snacks are allowed on the turf field. If a team wants to give half-time or post-game snacks to the players, they must be done off the field, outside of the fencing.

3. Team Reporter/Photographer (can be split up)

- The team reporter is responsible for writing up a creative and positive synopsis of the game and submitting to The Weston Forum. All players’ names must be mentioned!

- Articles and photos can be submitted to

4. Tournament Coordinator

- This person will be responsible for completing tournament application and sending in a check or requesting one from the Club Treasurer. For Academy teams, this function will be performed by the Board Academy Director.

- Post to website and e-mail parents/coach with details they receive from the tournament – such as directions, tournament requirements, etc.

- Obtain players passes and roster in managers absence. Check if patches are required and obtain patches from Academy Director if needed..

5.  End of Season Party Coordinator(s)

- End of season parties are optional and up to individual teams. The cost is borne by the team.



This is done by our Referee Coordinator. You will receive an email each week letting you know who the referees are for your home games. However, you must send your home game schedule to the Referee Coordinator at the beginning of the season and remember to update him/her with changes to your home schedule during the season.


Remind parents/coaches of game time/location by Thursday prior to game day. Confirm game with opposing team manager and for home games, let them know of team jersey color in case of conflict. Players should ALWAYS bring both navy and gold jerseys to games. Also, remind parents to bring uniform soccer socks, and shorts, cleats, water bottle and ball. If a child is going to be absent from a game, parents must inform manager/coaches 48 hours prior. This is essential as coach strategizes game beforehand and you, as manager, will need to keep track of attendance in case you are low on players. Also, remind parents that they should arrive at game field no later than ½ hour before game time for warm-up.

If you have a home game, confirm referee attendance (make sure you have received an email from our Referee Coordinator confirming assignments for your game).




1.  Goal Safety – Sandbags have been placed at the fields to use as anchors for the goals. Please check that they are secure. The referee should do this, as well.

2. Pay referees prior to match and obtain ref signatures on reimbursement form (may be downloaded from the "Documents" section of the website). This will be done by your referee coordinator if you appoint one. 

 - Payment schedule for 2012-13 and beyond: 

U-8 to U-10 $55 for center and $35 for AR's 
U11 to U-14 $60 for center and $40 for AR's
U15 to U-19 $65 for center and $45 for AR's

3. Travel Only:  Both passes and rosters must be presented to the referee prior to kick-off; referee will keep rosters (keep many copies in your folder). If passes or rosters are lost or missing, individual coaches may sign-in (see district sign-in policy at "District Policies").

4.  RecPlus teams are asked to submit a game-day roster to the referee prior to each game that includes all players by name and number, as well as all adult officials.

5.  Only persons whose names appear on rosters are permitted on the players’ side of the field; all others are considered spectators and are restricted to the opposite sideline. No one is allowed behind the goal lines.

6.  Players should have a labeled water bottle with them on their side of the field.

7.  Assist in control of spectators, including parental coaching from the sidelines. Coaching is the job of the professional coach/parent coach. Any coaching from the sidelines is confusing to players and against CJSA/Weston Soccer Club rules.

8.  Half time – distribute snacks, if any; players – drink water and re-lace shoes!

9. End of Game – Players/coaches shake hands with opposing team

10. GET YOUR PASSES & BALL BACK FROM REFEREE .... please ask team to pick up trash and belongings.



- Post game scores according to the method described by your league director (travel only).

- Fill out referee re-imbursement form (available on the website under "Documents") and mail to Weston Soccer Club Treasurer, PO Box 1281, Weston, CT 06883.