The Weston Soccer Club, Inc. is a private, nonprofit organization managed by volunteers. The Club delivers quality age and skill-appropriate soccer programs to boys and girls grades Pre-K through 12 and adults in Weston, Connecticut.

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Travel Soccer FAQ - Spring 2015


Does my child need to "try out" to play for a travel team?

We do not hold tryout sessions that result in "cutting" players from a team. However, players must register and attend a practice in order to be evaluated. 
In certain cases involving an excessive number of players at a particular age level, players may be asked to train with a team but not be guaranteed a game roster spot every week.

Players are evaluated within their existing team practice sessions. Every effort will be made to find a game roster spot for every player who registers within the registration period. For Spring 2015 travel teams, the deadline for regular registration is Friday, November 14th at midnight. 

Do I need to register my child in advance in order for my child to be considered for placement?

Yes. All players must be registered and fully paid up in order to be considered for placement. In addition, players may not attend any evaluation sessions unless they're fully registered.  
If there are any concerns about payment, please contact Club President Chris Myers,  .

What if my child is not currently playing on a team?

There is no penalty for not being on a current team. That player’s evaluation will consist of a practice evaluation only. See further info below.

What do the tryout evaluations consist of?

For Spring 2015 teams, all currently playing U11-U14 players will be assessed by their current team coach as part of the normal seasonal evaluation process. 

In addition, all current and non-current U11 players will be evaluated during a team practice by a second coach at the U11 teams' Thursday October 30th 4pm practice at MFP 1.

How does a new player get an evaluation?

Interested players not currently on a travel team are encouraged to attend a practice according to the following schedule, but they MUST register before attending:

U11 (5th Grade) Boys and Girls: Thursday October 30th 4:00-5:15pm at MFP Field 1

U12-U13 (6th-7th Grade) Boys: Wednesday October 29th 4:15-6pm at MFP Field 2

U12-U14 (6th-8th Grade) Girls: Friday October 31st 3:00-4:30pm at MFP Field 2

U14 Boys (8th Grade): Contact Kate Moore at


What does the seasonal evaluation consist of?

To download a copy of the form used by each team coach, click here: WSC End of Season Evaluation Form U11 U& up

What does the new player evaluation consist of?

New players will be evaluated using the End of Season Evaluation Form (see above)

What if I miss regular registration?

Late registration may be allowed on a waitlist, space-available basis, with a late fee of $45 added. Please contact Registration Director Kate Moore, , for a registration link. The registration program will not be available on the website after November 14th.

Are parents allowed at evaluation sessions?

No, parents are asked to drop off their child and then leave the field. Waiting in a car is fine; hanging around the field is not. The parent on duty is an exception to this general rule.

Do players already on a particular team get an automatic invitation to re-join that team?

No, there is no tenure. Every player is re-evaluated at the end of each season in order to make fair and accurate placements for the next season. Evaluations for Fall teams take place at the end of the Spring season, and evaluations for Spring teams take place at the end of the Fall season.

Do I have to live in Weston for my child to register for the travel program?

No, but we prioritize Weston children first.

Can my child “play up”?

Yes and no. Yes - in that players who are young for their grade are always allowed to "play up" in order to stay with their grade level peers. Players are not generally placed with the grade level above them unless a particular team lacks sufficient players, or if there is no team at a particular age group. We may also ask players to play up an age group to even out numbers between age groups or to meet player development needs. Our priority is to find roster spots for as many players as possible. All of these roster decisions are made in consultation with our professional Coaching Director.

Who is responsible for roster placements?

The WSC tryout team will review all evaluations and the proposed rosters for all U11-14 age groups. The WSC tryout team consists of the Travel Director, the Professional Coaching Director and the Club President. The proposed rosters are created by the professional coaches conducting the evaluations. Any questions will be resolved by the team through discussion with the evaluating coaches. In virtually all cases, the recommendations of the professional coaches will be followed.

How is the size of a roster determined?

CJSA establishes maximum roster sizes of 19 for an 8v8 team (through U11) and 25 for an 11v11 team (U12 through U14). Our goal is to form 8v8 teams (U-9 through U-11) with a minimum of 12-14 players and 11v11 teams (U-12 through U-14) with a minimum of 16-18 players. These roster sizes are necessary in order to provide a solid financial footing as well as to ensure that there are sufficient players for practices and games.


If my child is new to Travel Soccer, what documents are required?


If your child has never played on a Weston Travel (Academy and up) team, you need to mail or e-mail a copy of their passport or birth certificate to: Kate Moore, 62 Pheasant Hill Lane, Weston CT 06883 or .  If your child is not a US Citizen, please contact us for additional paperwork that may be required.


What is the refund policy?

Any player who voluntarily withdraws from a team within one week of the announcement of travel rosters for the upcoming season will receive a full refund less a $35 administrative fee.

Any player who suffers a significant injury causing a major loss of playing time in one season may apply for a pro-rated refund by emailing Travel Director Wes Alwang at and stating the reason for the request.

In all other cases, there will be no refunds.