The Weston Soccer Club, Inc. is a private, nonprofit organization managed by volunteers. The Club delivers quality age and skill-appropriate soccer programs to boys and girls grades Pre-K through 12 and adults in Weston, Connecticut.

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Girls Rosters

U11 Girls
Madison A 
Annabell B
Blair C
Samara C
Rachel C
Holly D
Allison D
Claire D
Petra F 
Nieve G
Eliza K
Haley L
Avery R
Lauren R
Grace T
Sophia V
U12 Girls (double-rostering to be determined after coaching assignments are finalized)
Aria D
Mimi F
Cassondra K
Cayla K
Cameron I
Taylor M
Zoe P 
Emily P
Tessa R
Ayla S
Isobel S
U13 Gold 
Emily A*
Isabel B*
Katie B
Kaitlin B*
Hannah C*
Lucy C
Susannah C
Lauren C
Kayley F
Nathalie F
Maggie G
Gillian H
Emily I*
Amy L
Claire L*
Rebecca N
Hannah S
Casey S
Zoe T
U13 Blue
Emily A*
Alex A
Julia A
Isabel B*
Kaitlin B*
Caitlin C
Hannah C*
Charlotte C
Hannah G
Juliana H
Emily I*
Mira J
Claire L*
Erin O
Anna P
Ava P
Sophie R
Charlotte S
Zoe T
Julianne Z
*denotes double-rostered players
U14 Girls (Team formation still in progress)
Danielle D
Alex D
Allie G
Megan G
Patty K
Caroline M
Devon T
Nora S

Boys Rosters

U11 Boys Both teams will have double-rostered players to be determined after coaching assignments are finalized
Gold Team Expected placement:
B division
Spencer C
Lucas D
Thomas D
Mitchell L
Griffin L
Shane M
Oscar M
Arman O
Charlie P
Scott P
Jonathan R
Blue Team Expected placement:
C division
Jason B
Justyn C
Ries F
Brian K
Timmy L
Avery L
Jason M
Daniel O
Jayson P
Bennett P
Jack W
Robert W
U12 Boys Expected placement:
Jackson A
Evan A
Jack B
Quentin C
Christian C
Benjamin E
Quinton G
Zachary G
Harrison H
Jonathan K

Daniel M (DR with premier)
Ian R (DR with premier)
David S
Alexander S
Alec S
Stephen T
U13 Boys Expected placement: TBD
Adam B
Jack B
Felipe B
Wils C
William D
Tyler D
Brennen L
Mikey L
Andrew M
Clayton M
Ryan P
Ilan P
Nicholas R
Shawn R
Thomas R
Elliot S
Daniel S
James W
U14 Boys Expected placement: B division; includes players expected to double-roster with premier teams
Patrick B
Justin B
Brian B
Marca'l B
Jack B
Andrew B
Dale B
Sky D
Jordan E
Zach K
Emerson L
Mauri L
Eric N
Adam P
Russell P
Will S
Dennis T
Josh V
Dylan W
Micah Z