The Weston Soccer Club, Inc. is a private, nonprofit organization managed by volunteers. The Club delivers quality age and skill-appropriate soccer programs to boys and girls grades Pre-K through 12 and adults in Weston, Connecticut.

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4th Grade Spring Season Curriculum
Week 1.  Passing and moving
Week 2.  Finding space to receive the ball
Week 3.  Receiving the ball with your body open to the play (Player Evaluation)
Week 4.  Possession play 2v1
Week 5.  Possession play 4v2
Week 6.  Possession play 4v3
Week 7.  Possession play 4v4
Week 8.  Possession play 6v6 (Player evaluation)
As the Academy players enter their final season, they will be working on how to possess the ball as a team.  Working on being open and looking for space when not in possession of the ball will be the main coaching point during this season.  Weekly juggling before every session should still be in place and results should be posted weekly on website.