The Weston Soccer Club, Inc. is a private, nonprofit organization managed by volunteers. The Club delivers quality age and skill-appropriate soccer programs to boys and girls grades Pre-K through 12 and adults in Weston, Connecticut.

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Adult Soccer

The Weston Soccer Club organizes adult programs open to all adults in Weston. Adult games are played year-round.  Spring, summer and fall, the games are played outdoors on the varsity soccer turf field.  During the winter, they are played indoors at Weston HS.

Spring, Summer and Fall
Pick-up games are organized every Sunday morning, from 8:00-10:00am, and Wednesday evenings from 8:00-10:00pm on the Varsity Turf Field, next to Weston High School.
Games are open to adults, 21+ that have registered and paid.
If there is room, youth soccer players with appropriate skills, 9th grade or older, may play (provided they have been registered and paid by an adult guardian).
Participation is limited to those who have registered and paid.
There is a maximum program size of 70 players.
There is a charge for the spring / summer season (April 1 - mid-October) of $72 and again for the fall /winter season (mid-October through March).
There is a summer league in July and August that is a parallel program, but separate.

We play by the Laws of the Game with the following changes:
 - No slide tackles - no exceptions
 - In fact, only the goalie can slide anywhere on the field
 - It is the field players responsibility  to stay clear of the goalie anywhere on the field - the goalie is off limits - safety first
 - everyone must regularly take a turn in goal
 - We will play with 12 players when there are more than 22 players in attendance
 - When there are players waiting as subs, everyone will proactively take the turn as a sub if the same offenders persist they will be asked to leave for that game

 - Any defender, including the goalie, can call offsides though the call should only be made if it is very clearly offsides - no marginal calls are to be made
 - If we oversubscribe the league Weston guys and those grand fathered in get first dibs
Shin guards and cleats or turf shoes are recommended, but not required.
 - Everyone must abide by the call made - good sportsmanship is the rule, not the exception
 - If anyone, anywhere on the field goes down with an injury play stops immediately
 - Failure to comply with any of the above results in
     1) warning for your first offense
     2) asked to leave the game for the second 
     3) out of the league for the third time

Games are played rain or shine. 

For more information or contact Jon Pressman at .

Winter Indoor Soccer
From Thanksgiving until late March, indoor games are organized in the Weston HS gym.  Because of limited space in the gym, participation is limited to those that register and pay, and priority is given to incumbents.  Games are played from 10:00am to 12:00pm on Sunday mornings.

Sneakers or indoor shoes are required.  Games are played unless the HS gym is closed for weather. For more information contact Cello Pohle at